“Mr. Morton is especially entertaining”

The Dallas Morning News"

"I took my 17,(theater student at Booker T) 11, 9 and 8 year old children to see your production last night.  Arthur, we were absolutely blown away by what an impact it had on our family!  You were incredible.  My 17 year old said, "He was amazing".  The Easter message was brought to life.  The children laughed, jumped with surprise, visited at length with me about the content of the Book of John and did not move a muscle through the 60 minute performance.  God's words touched my heart.   Thank you for a wonderful evening!  Did I mention the minimal cost and the great theater was just an added benefit!"             

Laura P.

"Becky and I went to this opening last night and were very, very impressed. Hearing the different voices, seeing how Arthur used simple props to bring the whole story alive was an amazing experience, and we would recommend it to any of you!"            

Rich and Becky Milne

What Clients are saying

“I so appreciate the chance to experience Arthur Morton’s bringing to life the Gospel of John. The way that he embodied some of the key scenes in the Gospel was just mesmerizing.”

Alyce M. McKenzie - Le Van Professor of Preaching and Worship Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor Director, Center for Preaching Excellence

I have experienced dramatic change in the power, range and quality of my voice after working with Arthur for several months. My words have been more connected with my emotions and I have been able to express myself in a more full and engaging manner. Even people in my office have commented on the changes in my voice. The bottom line is…I found that my emotions, my whole body and my voice are now able to work in unison to help me effectively communicate with others as I express my thoughts, ideas and feelings.   This newly acquired skill is serving me well in “one on one” communication,  staff meetings and large group presentations.  Thank you for your excellent work in the self discovery of freeing my voice!

Dan Bailey​ - Executive Director - Just Say YES - Youth Equipped to Succeed.

We have used Arthur significantly on three different occasions, and our church has loved his ministry each time. Arthur Morton is passionate about the performing arts, but he is just as passionate about creating opportunities for artists in our body to use their gifts. He is a tireless worker, and because he has served on a church staff, Arthur knows well how to navigate the world of the local church.

Jeff Lawrence - Senior Pastor - Redemption Church - Edmond, OK


ARTHUR MORTON is the unique combination of incredibly creative and wonderful to work with. He is timely, financially fiscal, and excellent in completion.

Dianne Miller - Community Minister -Northwest Bible Church

"I have a very soft voice and seemed incapable of changing it until I met Arthur.  He quickly taught me to project my voice in a way that tripled my volume. Learning so much more about my voice was an eye-opening adventure that I would suggest for any speaker who is truly committed to improving their speaking abilities.”

Sandra Dean - Professional Speaker

" ...a powerful show...uplifting and effective."

Jeff Powers - Regional Director - Campus Crusade for Christ

“Arthur Morton is that rare combination of authentic artistry, biblical conviction, and winsome humor that makes a pastor’s heart marvel…I highly commend Arthur as a much-needed American leader in church-based creative arts.”

Dr. Andrew McQuity - Irving Bible Church

Arthur Morton is a miner digging down to the core of emotional caverns where our true hearts lie and our voices are often lost. The course work chips away to find the diamonds of communication that can transform an audience from listeners to individuals with treasures to store in their soul"Type your paragraph here.

Charlynn John - Executive Director - Sunshine after Rain Ministries

“Arthur Morton is a gifted actor who seeks to use his craft to promote enduring values and eternal purposes. He brings the truth to life…”

Joseph (Skip) Ryan
Park Cities Presbyterian Church - Dallas

“Arthur does amazing work…through his coaching my speaking ability went from being somewhat mediocre to very noticeable over the course of a couple of months. I’ve had several comments on the difference it’s made in my presentation and overall demeanor as I speak. I have experienced a freeing of my voice that has been more than just a physical experience… I would highly recommend Arthur to anyone wishing to become a more effective communicator.” "Exceptional class! Arthur does a fantastic job of helping folks realize their voice potential. Well worth the time investment."

Matt Dumas-Senior Pastor
Central Christian Church - Lancaster CA

"Working with Arthur has dramatically changed my voice.  My voice is far more powerful, expressive and affects people more profoundly as a result of this work. As my voice grows I experience less fatigue and hoarseness in demanding circumstances. As a pastor I did not realize the hidden potential my voice had to express my message and move people.  I have worked with Arthur on my voice now for six months and continue to do so as it has been a great investment for me that will pay off for years to come. I highly recommend Arthur."

​​​Neil Tomba - Senior Pastor - Northwest Bible Church -Dallas TX

“Arthur’s depth of knowledge of the human body and how its complex systems work together to produce the voice, combined with his ability to blend that with the spiritual, make his training a truly unique opportunity.  Add to that his kind and gentle spirit and his warm sense of humor.  His sessions are interesting and fun and, best of all, effective.”

Bill Stone - Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

"We were blown away. All of the dialog is right out of the Book of John, but Arthur's presentation really brought it to life.His acting is very polished and professional but at the same time very sincere and open. You can really tell when someone is performing from the heart and spirit instead of ego and personal gain. You should check if out, It IS that good."              

Dave Allen

"....the imaginative dramatic talents of Arthur Morton - passionate (even humorous) acting, staging, lighting, body movement, a few carefully selected but powerfully evocative props, and deep sensitivity to the narrative flow of the text. A top-drawer actor bringing to ear, eye, mind and heart the most riveting and transcendent”

Brian McLaren – Author “A New Kind Of  Christian”

Absolute, incredible, reflection of the work of Christ through the Gospel. It was just such an inspiring message to see the Gospel memorized and acted out by one man was truly challenging and I think that anytime we are presented with the truth of the Gospel it’s inspiring. So I found it to be both impactful and also convicting so I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to view that.

Student – Dallas Baptist University

Hey Arthur!   "Thanks for all your help. I know I was a much different preacher than ever before.  Not only did my wife Jody tell me it was excellent but many others did too. I know I have some things to say for the Lord and people have told me that in the past where they have appreciated the message. I got a half dozen glowing emails this morning and I never got one before about the delivery.   So a BIG THANKS from me!"

Neil Curran - Associate Pastor - Scofield Memorial Church

The Gospel of John - Performed Live - One Man